CBCStuartYouth exists to make disciples of Jesus Christ to the building up of the body of Christ.

Student Ministry

For those of us that have received God’s grace, our continual goal must be the glory of God. Therefore, the primary mission for every ministry of CBC is the glory of God. So, how does the CBC youth ministry seek to glorify our gracious God?

CBCStuartYouth exists to make disciples of Jesus Christ to build up His church.



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We seek to teach the students God’s word each Sunday morning and Wednesday night. We believe students richly benefit from small groups that continue to unpack and unfold the truths we are studying each week.  In order to build relationships with students and families, we have weekly events for our students and multiple annual events for the whole family. It is our goal that through the teaching of God’s word and cultivating relationships with students and their families, the Lord would allow us to speak truth into their lives and give them godly counsel. The mission of the CBC youth ministry follows the mission of our church-“the glory of God through the proclamation of His Word for making disciples and equipping the saints.” Our context includes exciting trips, bug-infested campouts, sleepless sleepovers, and lots of games, but our mission is to make disciples and glorify God!

Sunday Morning: Youth Sunday School/Fellowship Group at 9am in the Youth Room

Wednesday Evening: Youth Group 6:30-7:45pm

Wednesday nights are focused youth services in the youth room. We begin with a time of fellowship, usually including a game, and then worship the Lord through songs, and then worship the Lord through the study of His word

CBCStuartYouth After School Program

For all students staying after school on Wednesday, please download and fill out this form. We want to take great care of your student and make sure we’re doing the best to ensure their safety. To help us do that, we want to make sure we’re able to contact you and you’re able to contact us while we supervise them in the afternoon before Youth Group. For your student to attend the After School Program, we must have this paper on record for them. 

After School Program Release Form